Health Care Directives

Many people want to put procedures in place for what will happen if they become incapacitated. If incapacity occurs without advanced planning, it is not always clear what a person wants for medical care, and their assets can become temporarily inaccessible to loved ones when needed. While court supervision over your person and property may be desirable in some cases of incapacity, most clients prefer to plan for private solutions that keep the courts out of things as much as possible. Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives can help accomplish this in most cases.

We prepare Health Care Directives for our clients to address their health care concerns. You can nominate an agent to make health care decisions for you if you become unable to communicate with your doctor. You can also give your agent directions on how you want those decisions to be made. Health Care Directives can be of great value when there otherwise would have been questions about what medical treatment you should receive. [NOTE: We’ve been told that in Wisconsin: A) the document used to appoint a health care agent is referred to as a “Power of Attorney for Health Care”; and B) “Living Wills” giving health care providers instructions about end of life treatment are often used as well.